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Two Years & 450,000 Views: My Wattpad Experience

Before I became an author on Wattpad, I was an avid reader. Logging in everyday to read someone else's story while on the side I was spinning my own tales of fantasy and romance. Then I thought; "Why can't I upload?" No answer came to mind so I started to upload!

At first it was just a few angsty poems that are still available on my author profile today:

Then I mustered enough courage to post my first full novel on Wattpad and was greatly disappointed as it gained maybe a reader or two each day. And then it just stopped gathering a following all together. At 485 views, it remains to be my mark of shame but I leave it on Wattpad anyways. In my mind, this was my first novel and I love it regardless. Some say it's due to the genre not being popular, Sci-Fi Romance, but then I look at Star Wars and say back, "Stop trying to make me feel better."

So my first novel on Wattpad was a flop. Big deal. I bru…

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